Orb Sluggers
Orb Slugger piece
User(s): Ultraman Orb (Hurricane Slash and Emerium Slugger)
Nature: Crest Weapon
Powers: Boomerang appendage
Transforms into lance
First Appearance: Ultraman Orb Episode 5: "A Heart That Won't Flee"
Status: In use, as Hurricane Slash or Emerium Slugger

The Orb Sluggers (オーブスラッガー Ōbu Suraggā) are Ultraman Orb's pair of Crest Weapons. These weapons are form-exclusives, which are used and located on the head of Hurricane Slash and Emerium Slugger, both using the aspects of Ultraman Zero.


Because of the weapon's nature being non-removable, it can only summon weapon projections of its own:

  • Orb Slugger Shot (オーブスラッガーショット Ōbu Suraggā Shotto): Luminous copies of the Orb Sluggers, they can be used as projectiles or hand-held blades.
  • Orb Slugger Lance (オーブスラッガーランス Ōbu Suraggā Ransu): A trident-like weapon themed after Jack's Ultra Lance and Zero's Zero Sluggers. Each of its attacks are performed by pulling the Gear Lever (ギアレバー Gia Rebā) on its shaft from one to three times before hitting the button.

Powers and Abilities

Orb Slugger Shots

  • Barrier: When summoning the Orb Slugger Shot and prior to forming the Orb Slugger Lance, Orb can create a shield of red and blue energy to block enemy attacks.
  • Hyper Ultra Knock Tactic (ハイパーウルトラノック戦法 Haipā Urutora Nokku Senpō): In Emerium Slugger, Orb can fire his Orb Slugger shot in conjunction with Eye Slugger together, they surround his target while slashing at them. It is performed in a similar manner to that of Seven's Ultra Knock Tactics.

Orb Slugger Lance

  • Orb Lancer Shoot (オーブランサーシュート Obu Ransā Shūto): After pulling the Gear Lever once, Orb can perform a beam attack with the Orb Slugger Lance.
  • Big Bang Thrust (ビッグバングスラスト Biggu Bangu Surasuto): After pulling the Gear Lever twice, Orb can stab his opponent with the Orb Slugger Lance. He then charges towards his opponent, causing an explosion.
  • Trident Slash (トライデントスラッシュ Toraidento Surasshu): After pulling the Gear Lever thrice, Orb can slash his opponent with the Orb Slugger Lance at a very quick pace.
  • Barrier: By spinning the Orb Slugger Lance at high speeds, the Orb Slugger Lance can be used as a barrier.
  • Tornado: By spinning the Orb Slugger Lance at high speeds, a tornado can be generated that is able to push enemies away.
  • Reversal: By spinning the Orb Slugger Lance at high speeds, Orb is able to block incoming attacks and then send it back at the attacker.



  • The Orb Sluggers are in fact based on Zero's Zero Sluggers for their shape and Jack's Bracelet Boomerang. The Zero Sluggers motif is visibly shown by the blade protrusions on the Orb Slugger Lance. Emerium Slugger has the Orb Sluggers in addition to a traditional Eye Slugger, which is obviously based on Ultraseven's.
  • Since Orb's Emerium Slugger form also can summon Orb Slugger Shots via his Orb Sluggers, it is possible that Orb can summon the Orb Slugger Lance, or some other equivalent, in Emerium Slugger form as well.
    • However it is also possible he cannot, seeing as the Orb Slugger Lance seems to combine the Sluggers with a weapon resembling an Ultra Lance.
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