Home world: Another Dimension
First Appearance: Ultra Q Episode 6: "Grow Up! Little Turtle"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: Same as a regular child
Weight: Same as a regular child
Category: Another dimension being
Affiliation: Kai Dragon (Pet)
Roar(s): None

Otohime (乙姫 Oto Hime) is a human-like being from Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Dragon King Castle people (竜宮人 Ryugubito)


  • Height: As much as a human child
  • Weight: As much as a human child
  • Origin: Ryūgū-jō


Ultra Q

Otohime in technicolor

Otohime in technicolor

After Gameron brought Taro undersea, they entered the Ryūgū-jō. Upon arriving, Taro met a small girl that had reality warping powers named Otohime who used her powers to anger him. This caused a chase with the little boy flying after her. Taro used Gameron to follow her, thus Otohime created Kai Dragon out of a missile which she was riding to fire a few fireballs, knocking out the large turtle and sending the little boy to fall into the sea. Otohime managed to rescue Taro from drowning and fixed his burned clothes and gave him a box (Tamatebako) which would protect him as long as he didn't opened it before it got him back to reality. When Taro awoke, he told everyone about everything he experienced but they laughed, noting his story is similar to the legendary Urashima Taro. Forgetting the little girl's warning, Taro furiously opened the box, turning old but awakened for real as the whole thing was a dream.


  • Along with Taro, Kai Dragon and Gameron, their story is in tribute to the legendary folktale Urashima Taro.
    • Her counterpart in the Urashima Taro story was also named Otohime. When Urashima Taro journeyed underwater to met an Emperor whom wanted to thanked him for rescuing the little turtle, the turtle was revealed to be a lovely princess, Otohime.
    • Also, in Japanese folktale, she is the daughter of Ryujin, the dragon god of the sea.
  • Unlike her folktale counterpart, this Otohime was portrayed as a playful little girl instead of a maiden.

Powers and Abilities

  • Reality Warping: Otohime can alter the reality around her as seen summoning a swing, putting Taro on the swing, creating a missile which transformed into the Kai Dragon as well as detonating a bomb seconds before the opponent throw it to her.
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