Overthrow the Surface
Ultraman, Episode 22
Air date 12/11/1966
Screenplay by Mamoru Sasaki
Directed by Akio Jissoji
Special skill director Koichi Takano
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Breach the Wall of Smoke
My Home is Earth
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Overthrow the Surface (地上破壊工作 Chijō Hakai Kōsaku?) is the 22nd episode of Ultraman. On the DVD release it is only called The Underground Destruction Work.





Suit Actors

  • Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman?): Bin Furuya (古谷 敏 Furuya Bin?)
  • Telesdon (テレスドン Teresudon?): Kunio Suzuki (鈴木邦夫 Suzuki Kunio?)




DVD Release

  • Ultraman Volume 6 features Episodes 21-24.
  • Ultraman The Complete Series features all episodes.

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