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Home world: Earth (Gaia Universe)
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia Episode 1
Latest appearance: Ultraman Gaia: Once Again Gaia
Category: Computer System
Affiliation: Gamu Takayama
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PAL is Gamu Takayama and XIG's AI (Artificial Intelligence) navigator.


PAL firstly seen in Gamu's computer where he acts as a navigator. When Gamu's recruition to XIG, PAL will serve as his assistant by driving his XIG Fighter EX via autopilot when transforming into Ultraman Gaia or navigating the XIG members. During the Aerial Base's last stand against Mokian, everyone was forced to evacuate except Commander Ishimuro. There, he ordered PAL to control the ship to ram against the monster to save Gaia whom the commander also know his true identity (Gamu). After both Gaia and Agul defeated by Zogu, PAL autopiloted the XIG Fighter EX to fire her before being destroyed by her Shockwave Ball. Though seemingly destroyed, but he still survives and assist Gamu and the whole Team Marlin when they went down undersea to investigate the underground civilian while also witnessing the next Root of Destruction: Gakuzom.


  • Voice actor: Hiroshi Kamiya
  • When designing his personal jet, XIG Fighter EX, Gamu borrowed some of PAL's design to fit into the aircraft.
  • His name, PAL, is an American English slang for friend.


  • Computer control: PAL can control any technologies under his own will.
  • Data Transmission: PAL can shifted to any nearby technology in order to survive.
  • Search Engine: Given that he is an AI program, PAL can also act as a search engine.


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