Home world: Planet Juran
First appearance: Ultraman Cosmos Episode 21: "The Battle with the TECCH Booster: Part 1" (As Chaos Parastan)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet
Height: 65 meters
Weight: 55,000 tons
Category: Alien
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Parastan (パラスタン, Parasutan) is a kaiju who appeared in the TV show, Ultraman Cosmos. She appeared in episode 21 and 22. Meanwhile Chaos Parastan (カオスパラスタン, Kaosu Parasutan) is the unwilling form of Parastan infected by the Chaos Header.

Subtitle: Planetary Guardian Beast (遊星守護獣, Yūsei Shugojū)


Ultraman Cosmos

Some time ago, the planet which become Chaos Header's next target is Juran. As Chaos Header rampaged on the planet, Parastan the protector of the planet fought and defeated him as he retreated. This was witnessed by the Planet's ancient civilian as they wrote the story on their wall.

However, sometime later, the alien guardian of the small planet of Juran, Parastan’s body was taken over by the Chaos Header as the world drifted toward Earth. When EYES landed on Juran, they were quickly under attack by the very powerful Chaos Parastan! Armed with numerous attacks and abilities, the sphinx-like nightmare was met by Ultraman Cosmos. The monster, however, was a real powerhouse! Using its lightning attack, Chaos Parastan beat Cosmos into submission before vanishing into a spore of Chaos Organisms.

Not long after the group found a survivor of a previous exploration of the planet, Chaos Parastan struck again! The creature was again met by fire under EYES and soon Ultraman Cosmos once more. This time, however, the guardian managed to rid the monster of the evil within it, turning it back to its normal, but unconscious, self. Seeing how effective this creature was against the intergalactic hero, the Chaos Header wasted no time in taking the form of Chaos Parastan S (カオスパラスタンS, Kaosu Parasutan S). Ultraman Cosmos quickly went from Luna to Corona Mode and beat down Chaos Parastan Substance mercilessly. After destroying Chaos Parastan Substance's horns with the Corona Kick, Cosmos used the Naybuster Ray to destroy him for good.


  • Although having wings, Parastan is never seen flying.
  • For some reason, Tsuburaya intended Chaos Parastan S to be a male, while the original Parastan was a female. Why is for unknown reasons.
  • In comparison to the real Parastan whose motif is based on a cat and Cleopatra, Chaos Parastan S is based on a Pharaoh and a bull.
  • The S in Chaos Parastan S's name stands for Substance.
  • Chaos Parastan S's roar is similar to that of an elephant.
    • Chaos Parastan had the same feature, but Parastan S had it more clear.

Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet

After Planet Juran is invaded by a swarm of Scorpiss, Parastan makes her stand by defending her home planet but however she died as her corpse can be seen in the beginning of the movie where Musashi flies via his jet.

It can be presumed that Parastan had been revived by Cosmos after repairing the planet since the same thing also happened to the planet Gyashi.




  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 55,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Juran

Powers and Weapons

  • Revive: When awoken, Parastan can revive her planet with an aura of light. This will also steer the small planet back on a correct course.
  • Vanish: Parastan can vanish into thin air at will.

Chaos Parastan

Chaos Parastan


  • Height: 67 m
  • Weight: 77,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Juran

Powers and Weapons

  • Lightning Bolts: Chaos Parastan’s primary attack. He can fire bolts of raw electrical power from its horns, each capable of delivering a paralyzing shock.
  • Fireball: Chaos Parastan can shoot fireballs from his mouth.
  • Energy Blasts: Chaos Parastan can fire missile-strength energy blasts from his hands.
  • Chaos Organisms: When needed, Chaos Parastan can turn into a colony of Chaos Organisms capable of firing weak energy blasts like that of a handheld weapon.

Chaos Parastan S
Chaos Parastan S


  • Height: 68 m
  • Weight: 78,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Juran

Powers and Weapons

  • Lightning Bolts: The Chaos Parastan Clone’s primary attack. He can fire bolts of raw electrical power from its horns, each capable of delivering a paralyzing shock.


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