"My Friend!"

―Partel usual calling to Dr.Saiki
Orb Origin Saga Partel
Gender: Unknown, AI
Age: None
Home world: None, created by Dr. Saiki
Series: Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA (2016)
First appearance: Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA episode 1
Last appearance: Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA episode 12
Number of appearances: 12
Type: Villain
Family: Alien Wraith Psychi (Creator)
Affiliation: Unknown
Portrayed by: Riho Iida (Voice)
Sound(s): None

Partel (パーテル Pāteru?) is Alien Wraith Psychi's robot, built to support him in his plans.[1]



Built sometime prior to the series, Partel is a companion who served as Psychi's sole friend.

As the series, passed, it portrayed multiple functions, some of which proven useful to her creator. After the Queen Bezelb fell from her injuries, Partel combined both her and its creator into Psyqueen before it split them for Orb to retrieve Psychi. She was last seen protecting Shinra and Ricca from an incoming rubble, ceasing functions as a result.



  • Her voice actress, Riho Iida also voiced Aki Miyashita/Agira from the Web Anime Kaiju Girls.


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