Passport to Infinity
Ultraman, Episode 17
Bulton WOWOW
Air date 1966/11/6
Screenplay by Keisuke Fujikawa
Directed by Toshihiro Iijima
Special skill director Koichi Takano
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Science Patrol Into Space
Brother from Another Planet
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Passport to Infinity is episode 17 of Ultraman. 


A professor studies a blue meteorite he discovered during an expedition when suddenly it begins to move and transports him away. Later another meteor is found, a red one, by a scientist and begins to experiment on it. Eventually with the help of the SSSP they discover the fragments possessed reality-altering capabilities and begin to study it further.

After some accidents took place involving its warping abilities with the scientists, the fragments were placed together and locked up avoid any further problems within the Science Patrol's HQ. A mistake that would only worsen the problem.

Now together, the fragments combined and created the giant Bullton creature from within the HQ. Once free, Bullton used its warping powers to meddle with the Science Patrol's affairs, trapping everyone in another dimension, with the exception of Fuji and Hoshino, whom were outside at the moment. Fuji called for backup into the form of Japan's Self Defense Force to battle the creature, but Bullton used its reality warping abilities to swap vehicles from their positions (tanks in the air and jets on the ground.) While the SDF couldn't do anything to harm Bullton, they did manage to lead Bullton away from the Science Patrol's HQ, allowing Hayata to transform into Ultraman to battle with the creature instead.

However, once in combat Bullton used its warping capabilities to confuse and outsmart Ultraman from harming it, eventually trapping the hero underground. Ultraman however fought back and after resurfacing, created his own temporal-spatial rips and tears, which damaged Bullton's antennae, stunning the creature. With the opporitunity, Ultraman fired two Specium Rays at the object, reducing it to a tiny and weaker rock. Ultraman then picks it up and destroys it by crushing it with his bare hand.

After Bulton was destroyed, Hoshino joins the Science Patrol after what Muramatsu and Fuji thought how Hoshino found the truth of Bulton.




DVD Release

  • Ultraman Volume 5 Features Episodes 17-20.
  • Ultraman Complete Series Features All Episodes.

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