Home world: Star M91
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia Episode 40: I want to see Gaia!
Latest appearance: None
Height: 80 m
Weight: 82,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Pazgeek (パスギーク Pasugiku?) is a kaiju that appeared in the Ultraman Gaia TV series in episode 40 "I Want to See Gaia".

Subtitle: Large Air Demon (大宙魔 Dai chū ma?)


  • Height: 80 m
  • Weight: 82,000 t
  • Origin: Star M91


Ultraman Gaia

Arriving to Earth in a slew of energy rings, Pazgeek challenged the G.U.A.R.D Geo Base. The alien beast was met by a barrage of missiles, but the creature fought back with its energy balls. To make matters worse, a child from a recent tour of the Aerial Base was stuck inside the cockpit of XIG Fighter EX and was now in massive danger as the jet flew around the beast. Gamu morphed into Gaia and challenged the monster. He had little trouble beating it back, eventually making it retreat in the same energy lift it came in. As the alien flew back into space, its lift grabbed the child's fighter. In response, Gaia destroyed the lift and Pazgeek, just in time to save the child.


  • Suit actor: Toshio Miyake

Powers & Weapons

  • Energy Balls: Pazgeek can fire missile-strength balls of energy from the mouth located in its stomach.
  • Pincer Claws: Pazgeek has two large pincer claws in replace of hands.
  • Energy Lift: When needed, Pazgeek can summon large energy rings that it can use to travel by.


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