Peace Carry
Length: 36m
Weight: 17m
Width: about 66m
Seats up to: 10 crew
Max Speed: Mach 2
Type: Carrier/Combat Aircraft
Affiliation XIG (Expanded Interceptive Guardians)

Peace Carry (ピースキャリー Pisu Kari) is a large mobile command and transport aircraft, which acts as the field command and air support during any mission.


Developed by GUARD and being used XIG, Peace Carry is capable of performing reconnaissance missions and most often, as a field command unit. Peace Carry also contains three hatches which are labeled "A, B and C". These bays are made to transport Container Mecha to their mission locations. Usually piloted by Seagull leader Koyama, commanded by Chief Tsutsumi and Gamu as an analyzer for missions. During the early days, Peace Carry has no both defensive and offensive weapons. It is later refitted with a twin nose rapid-firing autocannon for self-defense.