Pedanium alloy
User(s): Alien Pedan
King Joe
King Galactron
Pedanium Zetton
Nature: Alloy
Powers: Durability
First Appearance: Ultraseven episode 13 The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 1 (1967)
Status: Exists naturally on Planet Pedan
Pedanium (ペダニウム Pedaniumu) is an alloy that first appeared in Ultraseven.


Pedanium exists naturally on Planet Pedan, home to the aliens of the same name. The alloy is extremely resistant to damage, and provides durability and strength to constructs made of it.

On Earth, during King Joe's first and second attack, the Ryton R30 Bomb is the only known counteract of Pedanium.


  • Durability: As evidenced by the King Joe series of robots, Pedanium is incredibly durable in combat situations.
  • Enhanced Strength: Likewise, almost all King Joes can take on an Ultra with ease.


  • Alien Pedan: The aliens use Pedanium for most of their constructs.
  • King Joe: The most famous example of Pedanium in use.
  • King Galactron: This fusion kaiju uses the assets of King Joe thus granting it Pedanium armor.
  • Pedanium Zetton: This fusion kaiju uses the assets of King Joe thus granting it Pedanium armor.


  • The true nature of Pedanium as an alloy (as well as its atomic structure) was only revealed in episode 11 of Ultraman X. In the past, it was assumed by many to be a pure metal.
    • In chemistry, an alloy is known to be a mixture of metal with another compound. This is stated to be more durable compare to pure metals, hence being frequently used in construction in real life. It is also justified that King Joe's durability are due to Pedanium's nature as an alloy, rather than a pure metal.
  • In the Mega Monster Battle: ULTRA MONSTERS arcade game, King Joe Black's physical and ranged attacks are named after Pedanium, despite such attacks had no relation to said material as a whole.
  • In the TNT/Cinar English dub, it is known as Rodanite.