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Gender: Male
Age: TBA
Home world: Planet Pegassa
Series: Ultraman Geed (2017)
First appearance: Ultraman Geed episode 1: "Welcome to the Secret Base" (2017)
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances: TBA
Type: Ally
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Riku Asakura
Laiha Toba
Portrayed by: Megumi Han (voice)
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Pega (ペガ?) is an Alien Pegassa (ぺガッサ星人 Pegassa Seijin?) and one of the supporting characters of Ultraman Geed. An alien boy who sought refuge in Riku Asakura, he becomes one of the youth's supporter. While usually staying indoors, Pega would use the Dark Zone to enter Riku's shadow when walking outdoors.


Ultraman Geed

At some point at an unknown time, Pega was left homeless and met Riku, who was able to hear his cry whereas other humans could not. He helps Riku stay afloat by having an internal business of creating artificial flowers while taking refuge in his house.

As a result of Skull Gomora's attack on Ginga Market and the Nebula House, the two were left homeless with neither of Riku's friends were able to help him. It was then where the two met RE.M., who provided them the access to an underground base and revealed Riku's true heritage as an Ultraman. Although originally timid, Pega was more supportive to Riku's decision as an Ultraman, later on accepting Laiha Toba into their base as they christen it the new Nebula House.

Powers and Weapons

  • Dark Zone (ダークゾーン Dāku Zōn?): The standard abilities of all Alien Pegassa, Pega is capable of hiding within shadows as means of camouflage.
  • Intelligence: Although the true extent is unknown, Pega is presented as a prodigy of his own age. At one point, he claims to be able to fix a refrigerator, though Riku forbids him to preserve his alien nature.
    • Linguistic Skills: Pega was shown capable of understanding foreign languages, deciphering a Spanish letter sent to Leito.



  • Being a juvenile of his race, Pega's eye stalks are shorter and less outstretched and its eyes are completely circular rather than more ovular. The yellow portion is also raised more towards the neck then being on the chest. This feature is also more yellow than past versions and is smaller too.
  • His name shares the similar name as Alien Pega, whom too is also originally from Ultraseven like the Pegassa.
  • His voice actress previously voiced Seiji Hokuto in ULTRAMAN motion comic.
  • In Tsuburaya's commercial for Blu-Ray Ultraman and Ultraseven, Pega claimed the first generation Alien Pegassa from episode 7 of the latter series to be his friend, although he forgotten his name. This may be hinted that Pega was also a resident of Pegassa City, having fled from its destruction by Ultra Garrison and ended up on Earth.
  • He had been with Riku since the latter was in middle school and had lived with him and Moa without her knowledge.
  • Pega seems to like dark places such as movie theaters and planetariums.
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