Mino, Saeki and Ando
Mino, Saeki and Ando
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Home world: Earth
Series: ULTRAMAN Manga
First appearance: Chapter 30
Last appearance: Chapter 32
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Antagonists
Family Unknown
Affiliation Pigmon
Portrayed by N/A-Manga Characters
Pigmon's 'friends'.

Spoiler Warning for ULTRAMAN.


Pigmon's first and only friends when he moved to Earth. The first time that the small alien ventured out to socialize it was to meet fellow Rena fans. However, their goal was to simply robe the naive being, but upon discovering that he was an alien things changed, and they became friends.

At their behest Pigmon began to send an alien after people who insulted Rena on the web, unaware that he had sent an assassin. While the intention was for said individuals to be roughed up, they still allowed for the killings to continue.

Eventually, when Rena showed that she was a fan of the new 'Ultraman', in a fit of jealousy they tried to put a hit on him. When Jack and Red intercepted the bounty, and Shinjiro gained the power of flight, they took out their frustrations on Pigmon hiring another Alien. However, said Alien, Adad, outed them at Rena's concert where he fought with the SSSP's Ultramen beside Bemular. After the death of Pigmon, the three were arrested by Kurata.


  • It is not specified who is named who.

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