Pigu 2

Robotic Friendly Monster Pigu


Pigu is the robotic team mascot for the anime The☆Ultraman.


Height: Can Vary (Due to extending legs)

Weight: Unknown

Origin: Earth





  • Pigu is obviously a tribute to the Ultraman monster, Pigmon.
  • Pigu's voice actor would later reprise the role, sort of, as Pigmon in the Ultraman Graffiti OVA.
  • When he was introduced, he became good friends with the team's pet monkey monster.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

  • Computing Skills: Pigu, being a machine, can work with a computer.
  • Extending Legs: Pigu can extend his legs much like stilts.
  • Grill: Pigu can store a grill within his torso as seen in episode 11.


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