Planet Ferant
Beautiful planet
Greater Location: Nebula M78
Inhabitants: None
Ruler: None
Type of Government: None
Planet Farent is a location in Ultraman Story. Sometime ago it hosted an advanced civilization. Unfortunately, when Juda had awoken prior to the events of the movie, he destroyed it with his scheming. Many thousands of years later, the Ultra Brothers lured Grand King to the planet to battle it there.

Planet Ferant

Planet Ferant is a planet close to The Land of Light. About 50,000 years ago, Planet Ferant was a beautiful green world that bore an advanced civilization. However, Juda destroyed it and turned it into a graveyard planet. The Ultras fought Grand King on this planet in an attempt to deter him away from The Land of Light. However, to their avail, Grand King prooved to be too powerful for them. Ultraman Taro soon arrived to assist his fellow Ultras in need. After recieving their energy, Ultraman Taro managed to destroy Grand King. The Ultras then left Planet Ferant for The Land of Light.


Planet Ferant was a planet teeming with life, as it was described to be a green planet with an advanced civilization showing that plants and some form of alien life at one point existed on the planet. However, no life exists on the planet since 50,000 years ago.