Golgatha crucify
Planet Golgotha (ゴルゴタ星 Gorugota Hoshi?) of the Anti-Universe (exact opposite of the universe, created during the beginning of space and time) is the planet where the crucifixion of the Ultra Brothers occurred.


This seemingly desolate and uninhabited planet began appeared out of no where, and called the Ultra Brothers to investigate, after intercepting a false Ultra Sign. After they arrived, they soon found many crosses, each with a name of the Ultra Brothers respectively. Then, the Yapool revealed itself, and that he had unleashed the monster Barabas unto earth in Ace's absence. The Ultra brothers decided to send Ace back to earth to combat the kaiju, while they remained behind. Just as Ace left, the Yapool stunned the Ultramen and chained them to their respective crosses. With Ace gone, the Yapool unveiled Ace Killer; a robot specifically designed to kill Ultramen. The robot proceeded to drain the Ultra Brothers of their energy and abilities, and took Jack's Ultra Bracelet. The Yapool then revealed that his plan the whole time was to trap the brothers and leave Ace no choice but to eventually return and be destroyed by Ace Killer. The machine proved itself able too and destroyed a Ace Robot near perfect robotic copy of Ace. Ace returned after the defeat of Barabas, but was beaten down by Ace Killer, just as the Yapool predicted. However, the still conscience brothers gave Ace the last of their Power, allowing him to use his Space Beam Q, destroying the Robot and the planet, though the Ultra Brothers were able to escape.



A moon with a similar name to said planet, Satellite Golgotha (衛星ゴルゴダ Eisei Gorugoda?), exists which first appeared in Ultra Fight Victory, where it was situated and orbiting Planet Gua. Ace was sent to this moon by Ultraman King after the latter noticed that Ginga was missing. There, he fought Victory Killer, but was nearly defeated. Fortunately, Ultraman Victory in his new form, Victory Knight managed to destry Victory Killer and release Ginga, and also ironically rescued Ace. Without a doubt, since this miniseries holds many parodies/tributes to the Ultraman Ace, Satellite Golgotha is obviously a tribute to Planet Golgotha, with Ultraman Ginga's capture, later Ultraman Ace's battle with Victory Killer further referencing the scenes of Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers.



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