Planet Hammer is a planet from Ultra Galaxy. It was used as the sight of the Reiyonix battle and was resting place of Alien Reiblood.


The location of Alien Raybrad's resting soul, it was from here the ancient tyrant called forth all those with his genes, the Reiyonix. At some point however, Ultraseven came to the planet and fought with his puppet Armored Darkness. Seven was defeated and sealed away.

Among the descendants of Reiblood, was Rei, a heroic human, Rayblood who freed Seven and eventually fought Reiblood's spirit with fellow Reiyonix Gale. Upon Rei's attempts to escape Reiblood's spirit attempted to grab the Pendragon and its crew but was stopped by Ultraman and Ultraseven. Upon his defeat, the Planet Hammer was destroyed by the backlash of energy.


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