Planet Juran
Planet Juran
Greater Location: None
Inhabitants: Parastan, Chaos Header 0, Mienin, Bolgils
Ruler: TBA
Type of Government: None, although Chaos Header and Ultraman Cosmos protect it.
Planet Juran appears in Ultraman CosmosUltraman Saga, and Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.


It is similar to Earth, having a very similar atmosphere but from space it appears purple. On the ground, there are mainly large rocks and mountains with foliage such as grass as bushes, the sky is yellowish instead of blue. Since Earth Migrated it has become more Earth like with trees, a blue sky.


Planet Juran enters and leaves the Solar System once every thousand years. Scorpiss ravaged the planet and killed Parastan, but it is likely that Cosmos (and later, the Chaos Header) repaired the damage, as it appears undamaged in Ultraman Saga.


Ultraman Saga

Chaos Header 0

Chaos Header 0 on Planet Juran with Mienin

In Cosmos' universe, it is revealed that he and Musashi Haruno travelled there with the Chaos Header to watch over the planet's inhabitants.

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Planet Juran appear at the beginning of the movie when Cosmos was fighting against Etelgar before ended being defeated and sealed by Arina.


Planet Juran makes another apparence in this web series.

Musashi is seen with a Bolgils and later is contacted by Shin Asuka . Finally, Musashi turns into Ultraman Cosmos and leave the planet to assist his friend and fight against the menace of the Bezelb .

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