Planet O-50
IMG 0318
Greater Location: Unknown
Inhabitants: Gai Kurenai (possibly)
Jugglus Juggler (possibly)
Ruler: Unknown
Type of Government: Unknown

O-50 (オーフィフティ Ō Fifuti?) is a remote planet, and the possible homeworld of the elite warriors, Gai Kurenai and Jugglus Juggler.



A mysterious ring of light was located at the unexplored mountain peak called Warrior's Peak (戦士の頂 Senshi no Itadaki?). When Gai and Juggler tried to harness its power, the former was chosen and in turn was transformed into Ultraman Orb in his first form, Origin The First.

After Queen Bezelb was defeated, Gai returned to this planet and his Origin The First form get upgraded to Orb Origin as he flies off on his second mission.

Chapter 3:"The Man Who Steals Black Hole" arc

After Biranki died from defusing the Ballonga Bomb and Juggler and Biranki captured, Gai returned to this planet and received the Orb Ring. Gai also receives his third mission to stop the revival of the Ultimate King Demon Beast in Planet Earth.

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