Planet Taaraian is a planet in Ultraman Max. The main inhabitants are Gilfas and Alien Taaraian . The members of DASH fight Gilfas on this planet.


The Taaraians lived on a planet with a food shortage that was global in scale. Seeking sustenance elswhere the Taariaians left their dying planet eventually coming to Earth, via  dimensionel travel device. They were offered food by the natives and the two species lived peacefully. That is until they found out humans seemed to have a natural taste for war and conflicts. They believed that without a strong guide to teach them they may eventually destroy themselves and their world, so they set themselves up as gods and took control of the humans. One day an Ultra appeared and fought off the aliens and their giant robot and eventually sealed them on their barren planet. In present times the travel device was unearth and the DASH members were transported there by the devise as they went searching for one of their own. Gilfas ambushed the DASH members and had them pinned down until Kaito escaped the last Taarian and transformed. Ultraman Max defeated his old adversary and DASH escape leaving the vengeful alien dead in the interdimensional passage way.

Inhabitants and planetary details

Planet Taaraian has only two major inhabitants. The Taaraians and their machine Gilfas both of whom are now gone. The planet is arrid with little to no flora, fauna or water. It is very similar to Mar's surface due to the red atmosphere created by it three suns. The planet's atmosphere is compatible so humans can breathe their, proving that the planet has oxygen. How Oxygen is produced is unknown and too little of the planet is known to answer that question. The planet does not seem to have buildings or technology theorizing, that the Taaraians may be extinct. They were advance enough able to build a dimensional device implying they were once scientifically very advance. The only Taarian seen lived in a cave despite the advance technology he had, supporting the theory they are extinct or endangered and showing they do not like being outside on their world.

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