Plant Humans
Plant Human Monster3
Home world: Earth
First appearance: Fight! Mighty Jack Episode 19: The Human Botanical Garden!
Latest appearance: Fight! Mighty Jack Episode 19: The Human Botanical Garden!
Height: 2 meters ~ 60 meters
Weight: Unknown
Category: N/A
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): None

Plant Humans (植物人間 プラント Plant Human Plant) are a group of monsters from Fight! Mighty Jack.


Fight! Mighty Jack


Powers and Abilities

  • Growth: The Plants can grow up to a alarmingly fast rate and can swarm over buildings with ease.
  • Noxious Mist: The Plants can shoot out a stream of noxious mist from their flower buds.
  • Plant Liquid: The plants can shoot out a liquid stream from their vines that once sprayed on humans, they become plant humans.
  • Constricting Vines: The Plants (as well as the Plant Humans) can shoot out vines out to grapple or tangle their opponents.
  • Plant Humans: The Plant Humans are the main driving force behind the plant monsters and many can also be as used as footsolidiers.


  • The Plant Humans are the only plant-based monsters in Fight! Mighty Jack to appear.
  • The monster plants were portrayed by various prop plants for their scenes.


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