PP 20130414161829
Length: 5.3 m
Weight: 1.8 t
Width: 1.9 m
Seats up to: 6 people
Max Speed: 365km per hour (Driving position)
80km (hover flight)
Type: Patrol car
Hover Car
Affiliation Ultra Garrison

Pointer (ポインタ Pointa) also known by it's model name, TDF PO-1 (2) is a special heavily modified patrol car used by the Ultra Garrisons. When switched to autopilot mode, it can travel at 365km per hour. The first model was destroyed by Alien Guts in episode 39 of Ultraseven. It was later switched with a second one, though no armaments displayed despite supposedly shared similar models to the first one.

Arsenal (only documented by the first car)

  • Smokescreen Device: Pointer can release smoke in order to escape from enemies.
  • Small Jet Engine: These enable the car to fly through the air.
  • Lightwave Barrier System: An energy barrier used to evade attacks.
  • Ultra Missile: Three twin missile launchers two are mounted on the rear portion of the vehicle body.
  • Perspective Ray Light: Attached to the front portion of the vehicle body. Smoke injection device is also equipped on the side side.
  • Hover System: Used with the jet engine to fly, the system that allows the car to hover. Can also fly for a short time and even on water.
  • Special Rubber Tires: Specialised tyres which made of durable rubbers that are hard to be punctured.
  • Ray Gun: Equipped onto the front grill of the car.

Pointer models

  1. Early TV version: Second Generation Imperial
  2. Solar energy strategy: Mitsubishi GTO
  3. Land of Earth Alien: Mitsubishi Pajero
  4. 30th Anniversary Trilogy birth: First Generation Honda NSX
  5. 1999 final Chapter 6-part series: Isuzu VehiCROSS
  6. 35 anniversary EVOLUTION5 trilogy birth: Mitsubishi Pajero