Giant Uinthatherium

The Prehistoric Rhino

The massive prehistoric Rhino was one of the first prehistoric beast seen in the Rankin-Bass/Tsuburaya co-productions, Last Dinosaur.



Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Origin: Antartica


The beast was only seen charging randomly through the scene, causing the group of explorers to quickly, get out of it's way. It was never seen again afterwards, though skulls resembling it appear in the Tyrannosaur's lair.


  • Despite being a mammal, clearly, it is wrongly called a ceratops in the film.
    • Even though it's a mammal, no fossil records show one with horns quite like these. The closest it resembles is the Uintatherium.
  • Much like the Giant Triceratops and Dodongo, it takes two people to opperate the suit.

Powers and Abilities


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