Queen Einus
Queen Einus
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman 80
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Number of appearances 1
Type: Underground Human
Family Unknown
Affiliation Underground Men
Portrayed by Reiko Kayama

First appearing in the television show Ultraman 80, Queen Einus is the Queen of the Underground Men.


Height: 5 feet

Weight: 48 kg

Origin: Underground Kingdom


Ultraman 80

A queen of the underground people. She knew of Takeshi's secret identity and told him that she and the underground people wanted the Underground race of 4 billion people to rise up to the surface and block out the sun. She was really angered that UGM tried to attack them so she sent the Underground Men to take the UGM members hostage. Takeshi told UGM to stop the attacks, they did until a insane secretary tranquilized the people at UGM and launched a attack on the sun cover. 

Once the Underground Men informed the Queen had happened, she became extremely frustrated until Gomora awoke from the violence, destroying the underground hideout. Everyone evacuated but as Takeshi left, he saw Queen waving goodbye. What became of her is unknown. 


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