Home world: Nebula M78, Land of Light
First appearance: Ultraman Taro Episode 24: "This Is The land Of Ultra!" (1973)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Taro Episode 25: "Burn On! The Six Ultra Brothers" (1973)
Height: 30 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Ultraman Taro (Master)
Roar(s): TBA

Rabbidog (ラビドッグ Rabidoggu?) was a monster that appeared in episode 25 of Ultraman Taro.

Subtitle: Space Dog (宇宙犬 Uchūken?)


  • Height: 30 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Origin: Nebula M78


Ultraman Taro

Rabbidog was Ultraman Taro's pet who resided in the Land of Light. When Taro returned to M78 to recruite the help of the Ultra Brothers from Mururoa’s crisis on Earth, Rabbidog greeted his master as he entered the land of Light. The tiny creature followed Taro to the Ultra Tower - were he left the Ultra to his quest.


  • Rabbidog is the first and one of three monsters whom would act as a pet for an Ultra, the others being Ron and Guarde.
  • In a manga, Rabbidog was revealed to have died when Alien Temperor attacked the Land of Light. Taro had visited his grave sometime later while his father, Father of Ultra gave Rabbidog the honor of being the "seventh" member of Ultra Brothers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Rabbidog is capable of anti-gravity flight.


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