From left: Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Fake Ultraman, Ultraman 80, Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultraman type a, Robot Ultraseven

Real Action Hero Series (RAH) are figures that were released by Medicom Entertainment. These figures were released in the year 2008-2009. Thses figures have many articulation points including arms, legs, joints. Also added with changing hands just like the Ultra-Act series.

Difference with other Ultraman merchandiseEdit

The difference between RAH and other Ultraman merchandise is that the RAH figures are actually dolls inside latex suits, thus making the toys harder, as the dolls inside are made of hard plastic. The RAH themselves are also very fragile, as one wrong move, and the latex "suit" rips.

List of ToysEdit


  1. Ultraman (Type A)
  2. Ultraman (Type B)
  3. Ultraman (Type C)
  4. Ultra Seven
  5. Zoffy
  6. Ultraman Jack
  7. Ultraman Ace
  8. Father of Ultra
  9. Mother of Ultra
  10. Ultraman Taro
  11. Ultraman Leo
  12. Astra
  13. Ultraman King
  14. Ultraman Jonias
  15. Ultrawoman Beth
  16. Ultraman Tiga (Multi-Type)
  17. Ultraman Dyna (Flash-Type)
  18. Ultraman Gaia (V2)
  19. Imitation Ultraman
  20. Darclops Zero
  21. Ultraman Mebius
  22. Ultraman Hikari


  1. Shin Hayata
  2. Akiko Fuji
  3. Dan Moroboshi
  4. Anne Yuri
  5. Hideki Go
  6. Aki Sakata
  7. Yuko Minami
  8. Seiji Hokuto
  9. Kotaro Higashi
  10. Gen Otori
  11. Shin Asuka


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