Red (2011 Manga)
Home world: Unknown, now resided in Alien City, Earth
First appearance: Ultraman 2011 Manga Volume 3 Chapter 17
Latest appearance: TBA
Height: Original: Around 10 m
Weight: N/A
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Jack
Roar(s): None

Red (レッド Reddo?) is an alien that appears in the 2011 Manga. He bears a strong resemblance to a certain monster.


Ultraman (2011 Manga)

Red was a champion of the underground fight club with in the Alien City. However he was dethroned and lost his right eye to Jack in the match that dethroned him.

While Jack and Shinjiro were having lunch in a park area in the alien city, Red appeared and challenged Jack to a rematch. Jack, having won by some trickery presented Shinjiro as his superior (he called him aniki in a yakuza fashion) setting the poor boy up to face the large alien. Red sent Shinjiro flying but commented on how the boy casually survived his punch.

As Shinjiro was ready for another round, they were stopped by the appearance of Moroboshi, who demanded they stop. Not wanting to tackle with the SSSP, Red allowed them to leave without incident. His remarks to Jack implied that the whole thing may have been staged.

Red was with Jack when he encountered an alien agent and called the SSSP. Sometime later he and Jack appeared in the middle of a city, causing a commotion, when Shinjiro appeared to investigate, Jack gave him the okay to use an unknown drug and transform into a giant, gaining a greater resemblance to his namesake.

Red fought Shinjiro, who for a time held his own against the giant but the boy was eventually overpowered, with his aggression increased Red through Shinjiro at a mother and child causing him to suddenly gain the power of flight.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Red is very strong, partially due to his size, strong enough to send a normal person flying with a punch.
  • Endurance/Durability: Red endured a punch from Shinjiro to the face and was still able to continue the battle.
  • Extraordinary Jumper/Agility: Despite his appearance, Red can jump rather high into the air. His jump was nowhere as high as Shin's or Shinjiro's but it was still an impressive height.
  • Transformation: Through the use of an unknown device/formula, Red was able to transform into a giant. This form with a tail is apparently his original form. Unfortunately, Red seems to suffer from heightened aggression in this form.
  • Human Form: Using a special devise on his wrist, Red can take on a human form. However, some of his traits are still visible such as a need for an eye patch over his right eye, sharp teeth and ridiculous strength.
  • Communicator: A collar worn on his neck that immediately translates what he says.


  • RedOfficial
    Red was clearly inspired by Red King; however it is unknown how his species is related to that monster.
  • Unlike other aliens seen, Red does not speak any Earth language.
  • Appearantly Red's real name is Rihyarenoru-Dasumohira-Vashizurihhe (リヒャレノル・ダスモヒーラ・ヴァシズリッヘ?), the fact that his real name is so long and his strong resemblance to a certain monster, gained him the nickname Red.

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