Redman is the opening theme of the series with the same name.


Original Japanese lyrics Japanese transliteration English Translation

赤い 赤い 赤い
あいつ, レッドマン
もえる もえる もえる
あいつ, レッドマン
はるか 銀河の赤い星から
敵にとどめの レッドナイフ
ウォ, ウォ, ウォ

Akai Akai Akai
Aitsu, Reddoman
Moeru Moeru Moeru
Aitsu, Reddoman
Haruka Ginga No Akai Hoshi Kara
Hikari Ni Notte Yatte Kita Kaze O Tsun Dji Ke Reddoarō
Teki Ni Todome No Reddonaifu
Reddo Kikku, Reddochoppu, Reddofōru
U~o, U~o, U~o

Red red red
That guy, Redman
Burning Burning Burning
That guy, Redman
From Planet Red of a faraway galaxy
He is riding on light
Tsun and Jike Red Arrow wind
Red Knife kept to the enemy
Red kick, red chop, red fall
Wo, wo, wo

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