User(s): Shin Asuka
First Appearance: Ultraman Dyna episode 2 "A New Light: Part 2" (1997)
Status: Active

The Reflasher (リーフラッシャー Rīfurasshā?) is a strange object that appeared after episode 1 of Ultraman Dyna. The object served as Ultraman Dyna's transformation item in the later episodes and is used by Shin Asuka, Ultraman Dyna's human host, in times most urgent.


Ultrmn Dn Shn Ask

Asuka using the Reflasher

The usage of the Reflasher begins first at the physical press of a trigger by Asuka, then a mental approval by Ultraman Dyna. The result of Dyna not agreeing to the transformation causes the Reflasher not to open and can put everyone around Asuka in grave danger. If both sides agree to the transformation, Asuka will usually flick his right wrist, pressing the trigger to the left side of the device. The jewel concealed within the Reflasher will snap open 180 degrees before emitting a bright, purplish light that envelops the screen. Within a few seconds, Ultraman Dyna will maximize. The Reflasher is not always present at transformation, as when Asuka's hands are obstructed, he can mentally call upon the Ultra. However, the Reflasher may become lost, but will not open to anyone unless Asuka is present and is willing to open it. In later transformations outside of the Ultraman Dyna TV series, Asuka will yell "DYNA!" before the Reflasher snaps open.


Toy Release Information

Reflasher toys

The Reflasher as first released in Japan

The Reflasher was first released in Japan in conjunction with the first episode of Ultraman Dyna. The toy it self was roughly 6 inches tall, and was able to flick open with the press of a switch. However, the jewel itself emits a green light in a dance-like pattern instead of the purplish light seen in the TV series.

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