Rei (Alternate)
Rei Alternate
Human Host/Form: None
Height: {{{Height}}}
Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Place of Origin: Alternate Planet Boris
Transformation Item: None
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Shota Minami
Suit actor(s): None
First Appearance: Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero Part 2 Zero's Suicide Zone
Last Appearance: Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero Part 2 Zero's Suicide Zone
Race: Reionics
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Alternate ZAP SPACY
Ultraman Zero
Prime reality Rei

The alternate version of Rei (綾波, Rey)/Reimon, is a Reionics who comes from another universe. Unlike Rei, he is still able to use his Reimon forms but making him unable to control his temper when nearing other Reionics.


When the Alien Salome had created an army of Imitation Ultra Brothers, it caused the creation of wormholes in universes which also dragged the Alternate ZAP SPACY crew and their Pendragon along. After having his Battle Nizer stolen by the Salome in order for the creation of Mecha Gomora, the alternate Rei proceeded to release his counterpart upon sensing him via Reionics detection. Shockingly, the counterpart also loses his Battle Nizer as the prime reality Rei stops him, making him regain his senses. As they witness the Imitation Ultra Brothers teleported via Darklops Zero, Hyuga appears and gives them the Neo Battle Nizer and summons Gomora to destroy the robots. Herodia sends forth Mecha Gomora and order him to fight. With Gomora controlled by both Rei overpowered by both Mecha Gomora and Darklops Zero, Ultraman Zero finally appears and assist Gomora. After the battle is over, the alternate Rei receives his counterpart's memory while holding the Battle Nizer itself and vanishes, bidding farewell to him as he went back home with the Alternate ZAP SPACY crew.

Battle Nizer Monsters

Alternate Rei also had a Battle Nizer once, before it was stolen by Herodia.

  • Gomora (Primary monster) - The Prince of Monsters himself has been Rei's only monster. He was presumed dead after the Alien Salome used the Battle Nizer for their creation of Mecha Gomora.

Powers and Abilities

As Rei, he is just a regular human, despite that he can control monsters, has extraordinary jumping and leaping abilities and is able to locate objects and signals telepathically.

However, as Reimon he gains great strength, agility, fighting skills, and other powers. His Reimon form is similar to Alien Reiblood and the Ultramen's appearances.

When Reimon feels extreme anger or rage, he transforms into Burst Mode (バーストモード, Bāsuto Mōdo), a black/red form. As Reimon he gains great strength, agility, fighting skills, and other powers. Besides his great skills as a fighter. However, he only appears in this form when a nearby Reionics detected.


  • This Rei has a high pitched voice and blonde hair compared to the original.
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