Gender: Female
Age: Unnkown
Home world: Earth
Series: Iron King episode 12: "State of Emergency in Tokyo" (1972)
First appearance: Iron King episode 12: "State of Emergency in Tokyo" (1972)
Last appearance: Iron King episode 13: "Attacking the Underground Fortress" (1972)
Number of appearances 2
Type: Ally
Family Unknown
Affiliation Phantom Militia (Member's lover), Gentaro and Goro
Portrayed by Unknown

Reiko is an anti-hero turned ally in Iron King.


Reiko was the lover of the controller of Tonga Zaurus. When he joined the Phantom Militia, she wished to join, but could not because she was a woman. She then followed him on his missions to capture Professor Flasher and kill Gentaro. She finally caught up with him at the professor's hotel, where his companion tried to kill her. The two were chased away by Gentaro, who was protecting Flasher.