Reiko Yoshii
Reiko Yoshi II
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Home world: Earth (Guardians of the Earth Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Gaia
First appearance: Seize the Light!
Last appearance: Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers
Number of appearances 51 (Gaia)
Type: Ally
Family Hiroya Fujimiya (husband),
Hinaka Fujimiya (daughter)
Affiliation XIG
Gamu Takayama
Portrayed by Yukari Ishida

Reiko Yoshii (吉井 玲子 Yoshii Reiko?) is a character in Ultraman Gaia, whom befriended Hiroya Fujimiya and played a major role in Hiroya's return to fight for humanity.


Ultraman Gaia


Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

In the alternate Superior 8 timeline she along with Hiroya and their daughter made cameo in the end of the movie. 


  • Just like Reiko Yoshii married to Hiroya Fujimiya in Ultraman Gaia, their actors also married in real life. They have a daughter named Hinaka. Their entire family also can be seen in the end of the movie Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers.


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