Remodeled ultas
Mechanoid Ultramen
Human Host/Form: None
Height: Varius
Weight: Various
Age: Unknown
Home world: Land of Light
Voice actor(s): Manga Characters
Suit actor(s): Manga Characters
First Appearance: tba
Last Appearance: {{{Last Appearance}}}
Number of Appearances: tba
Race: Ultras (formerly)
Cyborg Ultras
Status: Deceased
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: People of the Land of Light (Formerly)
Alien Baltan

The Remodeled Ultras are Ultras turned into cyborgs by the Baltans.


The Remodeled Ultras are cyborgs created by Alien Baltan, they were members of the Ultras' survey group and warriors of the Land of Light. Upon investigating a civilization that had ceased communications they were captured by the Baltans'cruel machinery and partially transformed and merged with the machines.

When Ultraman Ace came and investigated he set off the security system forcing the Ultras to fight against their own. They fought him, with the facility being destroyed. Even with upgrades from their new masters they were unable to capture Ace until he was betrayed by Rutia, who was secretly with them. They were finally destroyed when Ace gathers his determination and wrecked the facility with Zoffy.


  • Specium Ray: The Ultras all used this basic Ultra beam.


  • Back Pincers: Upon gaining armor the Ultras had retractable pincers they could use to grab things or attack with.



  • It can be seen that the Remodeled Ultras still bore a shred of their original personalities, seen when they shed tears when they were forced to shoot Ace.
  • Their fate is similar to that of Borg victims from the Star Trek franchise.
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