Respond, Max
Ultra Seven, Episode 4
Alien-Godola 4
Air date 10/22/1967
Screenplay by Tetsuo Kinjo
Masahiro Yamada
Directed by Kazuho Mitsuta
Special skill director Sadamasa Arikawa
Episode Guide
The Secret of the Lake
The Erased Time

Respond, Max (マックス号応答せよ - Makkusu-gō ōtō Seyo) is the 4th episode of Ultraseven.


Three members of the Ultra Garrison are sent to a secret meeting with Commander Takenaka aboard the Max, one of the elite vessels in the Ultra Guard. This secret mission is to learn of the origin of several oceanic disappearances. Meanwhile, Moroboshi's Ultra Eye is stolen after he stops to help a woman on the side of an empty highway. Meanwhile at sea, the Max is lifted out of the ocean and carried into space by a red cloud. Dan and Capt. Kiriyama search miles of ocean while Furuhashi heads for space in the Ultra Hawk #2 for any signs of The Max. He finds the enormous vessel floating in space as well as evil aliens known as the Godorians who plan to take over the Earth.


Suit Actors

  • Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun?): Uenishi Hirotsugu (上西弘次 Hirotsugu Uenishi?)


DVD Release

  • Ultraseven Volume 1 features Episodes 1-4.


  • This episode was later featured in New Ultraman Retsuden Episode 19: Max, Acknowledge! Seven vs. Alien Godola.

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