Reverse Shot
Ultraman Mebius, Episode 5
Air date 05/06/2006
Screenplay by Keiichi Hasegawa
Directed by Toshiyuki Takano
Special skill director Toshiyuki Takano
Viewer Ratings 2.9%
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Broken Bonds
Two From the Deep Sea

Reverse Shot (逆転のシュート, Gyakuten no Shūto?) is the fifth episode of Ultraman Mebius.


A family was hiking one day when a mysterious fog covered the bridge they were on and suddenly as it did a giant claw came at them and captured them. GUYS was then deployed to the area to fight the monster known as Sadola. George tried blasting at them using the Gun Phoenix Blaster but, would always be hit out by Bogar (in human disguise) energy blasts. Sadola then retreated knowing that Bogal was in the area. Later that day George was disappointed at his inability to hit the monster. Though with some help with Mirai regained his confidence. During the night Bogar summoned another Sadola into Tokyo, covering the area with fog and eating unsuspecting victims. When GUYS dispatched again, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius. As the Gun Phoenix (piloted by George) was fighting Sadola he used his special "Reverse Shot" technique and was able to hit the monster. Though concealing itself in fog in front of them another Sadola appared behind but, vanished. Just then Mebius was able to destroy him with the Mebium Shoot. Though one defeated two more appeared but, were quickly destroyed by "a blue giant" using its knight shoot. Just as it appeared the blue giant disappeared into the night sky having GUYS and Mebius wondering who's side its on.


DVD Release

  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 2 features episodes 5-8.

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