Robot Ultraman Jack
Robot ultra brothers by wallpapperultra16-dbmfvvp (2)
Human Host/Form: None
Height: 40 meters
Weight: 35,000 tons
Age: Less than a year
Home world: Planet Salome (Alternate universe)
Voice actor(s): TBA
Suit actor(s): TBA
First Appearance: Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero
Last Appearance: {{{Last Appearance}}}
Number of Appearances: 2
Race: Robot
Status: Destroyed
Family: Alien Salome,
Imitation Ultra Brothers
Affiliation: Alien Salome,
Imitation Ultra Brothers

Robot Ultraman Jack (ロボットウルトラマンジャック Robotto Urutoraman Jakku?) are mass-produced duplicated robots of Ultraman Jack created by the Alien Salome to invade multiverses.

Subtitle: Robot Super Man (ロボット超人 Robotto Chōujin?)


Physical Attributes

  • Height: 40 Meters
  • Weight: 35,000 Tons
  • Origin: Alternate Planet Salome


Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends Gaiden

Part 1: Cosmic Collision

Jack first appears with his artificial brothers alongside Darklops Zero, confronting Ultraman Zero and the alternate ZAP Spacy crew. However, Zero managed to escape from them after he destroyed Imitation Jack and Imitation Zoffy.

Part 2: Zero's Suicide Zone

Many Imitation Jacks were seen being ready for transport. However, Darklops Zero turned on the Salome and started to destroy the other robots.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ultra Lance: A lance can destroy monster in one hit.


  • Unlike his counterpart, he only wields an Ultra Lance than an Ultra Bracelet.
  • When Robot Zoffy was seen destroyed, an Ultra Lance was seen impaled to his body. Since the Robot Jack had his Ultra Lance destroyed earlier by Zero's Emerium Slash, it could be noted that either the robot has the ability to generate other Ultra Lance or the first Robot Jack destroyed with a second one send to destroy Zero who also brought another Ultra Lance.

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