Home world: Planet Earth (Guardians of the Earth Timeline)
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 29 "The Distant City: Uqbar"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 52 m
Weight: 48,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Uqbar
Roar(s): TBA
Rukulion (ルクーリオン, Rukūrion?), also known as Rukuu (ルクー, Rukūū?), is a monster that appeared in the series Ultraman Gaia in episode 29. 

Subtitle: Guardian Beast (守護獣, Shugo-jū?)


  • Length: 52 m
  • Weight: 48,000 t
  • Origin: Uqbar


Ultraman Gaia

On a normal day in the park an old man was feeding pigeons when he saw a floating city in the sky, which quickly vanished.  His curiosity grew about the city, leading XIG to investigate, where they found the man unconscious. They woke him up, and he told them about a monster named Rukulion and a city called Uqbar. They didn't believe him, but then a strong wind blew and soon appeared the monster Rukulion. The man went after it, leading Gamu Takayama to transform into Ultraman Gaia and fight the monster. Due to it's mass, Gaia could not stop the monster's progression. Gaia then fired the Quantum ray but Uqbar appeared and transported the creature and the old man away. The man soon told Gaia about the city and how he had this calendar from 1966 with an identical city, and then the city vanished once more...


  • The year of the man's calendar was the same year the first series Ultraman came out.
  • Rukulion's stomps are drums beats.
  • Rekulion's costume would used to make Σ-Zuiguru's costume.

Powers and Abilities

  • Wind: Rukulion can make a strong wind blow.
  • Uqbar: Rekulion travels around with a floating city called Uqbar.

Toy Release Information

Rukku was released by the Ultra Monster Series in the year 1999. the figure stands at 6in tall. He is very accurate to the shows counterpart but, the only flaw is that Rukulion's white area on his chest does not have black lines in it. The Rukku figure is still well worth it.




Ultraman Gaia vs Rukuu02:51

Ultraman Gaia vs Rukuu

Ultraman Gaia vs Rukulion

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