"Earth must be protected by our own hands. Adjutant, you must know this from our predecessors. We can't defeat a monster without Ultraman. Don't ever say that even your life depends on it."

―Ryu scolding Adjutant Toriyama
Ryuu Aihara
Ryu Aihara I
Ultra: Ultraman Hikari (Temporarily)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Transformation Item Knight Brace
Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Universe)
First Appearance: Ultraman Mebius episode 1 A Fateful Encounter
Last Appearances Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness
Type: Ally
Family {{{Family}}}
Affiliation GUYS
Portrayed by Masaki Nishina

Ryu Aihara (アイハラ・リュウ, Aihara Ryū?) is a fictional character from the 2006 TV series Ultraman Mebius. the only surviving member from the original Team GUYS. Ryu was very close with former Team GUYS captain Kazuya Serizawa, who's supposed death had a great affect on him. He latter accepts the new and younger Team Guys, and becomes Ultraman Hikari's second host. And the end of the series he becomes the captain of another Team GUYS.


Ultraman Mebius

When a monster first appeared, GUYS Japan was sent to take care of the monster. This was the first monster attack in nearly 25 years and no one was prepared for what would come in the battle. Dinozaur easily defeated his comrades, and the remainder was only the fighter plane of him and Serizawa. Serizawa, not wanting Ryu to die, ejected his seat. He is a good man, but has a cold exterior after what has happened to his friends. When Mirai first meets him, he is reciting the Ultra Five Oaths and Mirai joins in as well. Later on during Mebius' first battle, he berates Mebius for failing to defend the city and shielding himself with buildings, then he berates himself for failing to protect his friends. He feels responsible for all the new members of GUYS and tries his best to protect them. He habitually recites the Ultra Five Oaths after learning them from his previous captain. In episode 24, he was captured by Vakishim and his body controlled by Yapool. But luckily, he was freed by Mirai.He was told the history of the country of light by Mirai in episode 30. During Serizawa's final battle as Hikari, Ryu rushes into the battle in a fit of rage at the sight of his former captain being killed. Ryu himself is seemingly killed until it is revealed that Serizawa passed on the Knight Brace to him, allowing him to become Hikari's temporary host. Mirai Hibino/Ultraman Mebius was able to contact him alone in episode 50. Ryu became the new captain of CREW GUYS after episode 50.

When the Dark Sphere was about to crash the earth, Ryu and Harusaki, his new subordinate were sucked into it. Inside it, Ryu came upon a wast land covered by dark clouds, that reminded him of when Alien Empera attacked earth. Suddenly, Ryu and Harusaki were attacked from underground by Armored Darkness, who hit the Gun Phoenix Ryu piloted. Ryu ordered Hirusaki to run away while he stayed in Gun Phoenix and tried to attacked Armored Darkness. However, Armored Darkness was too strong for him and he was seemingly killed by Armored Darkness. Harusaki cried after he saw his captain killed, but Mirai (Mebius) arrived and told Harusaki that Ryu was still alive after holding of the giant. Thanks to Ultraman King's power Ryu was saved.

After all the original crew of GUYS Japan came and entered Dark Sphere to helped Ryu, they began to attack and Mirai transform into Mebius. Ryu planed to entered into the body of Armored Darkness to awaken and free Ultraman Hikari. He later joined with Hikari and became Hikari's temporary host again. He teamed up with Mebius to defeated Armored Darkness, but it was too strong. Finally, the two merged with team GUYS and again became Mebius Phoenix Brave Mode. Mebius then overpowered Armored Darkness and destroyed it with the Mebium-Knight shot. After the battle Ryu was released from Hikari's body and he was teleported to Earth by Mirai while Hikari used his power to stop the Dark Sphere from crashing into Earth and took it away.

Powers and Abilities

  • Piloting Skills: Being a member of GUYS, Ryuu is extremely skilled in piloting the Mechas of GUYS.
  • Knight Brace: He had this Knight Brace when Serizawa passed on the Knight Brace to him.
    • Transformation: He is able to transform into Ultraman Hikari with the Knight Brace.
    • Combination: Combining the Knight Brace and Mebius Brace and other GUYS Members, he can become Mebius Phoenix Brave form.


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