Ryutaro Suganuma
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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Home world: Earth (Orb Universe)
Series: Ultraman Orb
First appearance: Ultraman Orb:Episode 24
Last appearance: Ultraman Orb:Episode 25
Number of appearances 2 (Orb Series)
Type: Ally
Family Unknown
Affiliation VLT
Portrayed by Shiro Sano
Ryutaro Suganuma is one of the characters in Ultraman Orb. He is the director of VTL and he appears in episode 24 and 25, as the main person confronting the threat of Magata No Orochi.


Ryutaro first appears asking and having a conversation with Juggler about Magata No Orochi's revival and asking Juggler the reasons for his statement. After that, he broadcasted around Tokyo for the upcoming threat by Magata No Orochi. After Magata No Orochi revives, he was shocked that the Spinal R1 fired with useless as it provided an energy boost for Magata No Orochi.

He then contol and ordered members of the VTL to confront and attack Magata No Orochi.He was contacted with Ittesu about the weak point of the kaiju which he agrees with him.After the end of the battle,he leaves the place while smiling briefly before he leaves.



  • He is similar to Kamimaya, the director of UPG. However, unlike Kamimaya who intend to use the Victorium Cannon to protect the Earth without realizing the cost, Ryutaro protects the Earth by making sure civilians are sure before launching an attack.