Invasion of The Space Amoeba
Ultraman 80, Episode 23
Air date 09/03/1980
Screenplay by Hiroyasu Yamaura
Directed by Toru Toyama
Special skill director Koichi Takano
Viewer Ratings 9.0%
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SOS! Invasion of the Space Amoeba (SOS!! 宇宙アメーバの大侵略 Esuōesu! ! Uchū amēba no dai shinryaku?) is the 23rd episode of Ultraman 80.


Space amoebas have killed everyone aboard the Space 7. Can UGM prevent the Space 7 and its deadly cargo from reaching Earth? Crunchyroll summary


The UNDA Space 7 is returning to earth, when space amoebas attack. They all die horribly and graphically, but not before an SOS is sent to the UGM team. Three men mount an emergency rescue attempt. One of the members is sent to investigate, and discovers the amoebas are using the dead crew members to reproduce.

In order to stop the amoebas from getting to earth, Takeshi member knocks out the other two crew members and boards to pilot the vessel away. Later, the remaining two men return to earth. The captain contacts Takeshi, who is in the yet-uninvaded pilot room. He orders him to escape while he fires a missile from earth.

Takeshi tries to escape but is attacked by an amoeba which was hiding in his helmet, but seemingly kills it. However, his air pipe is destroyed. They destroy the missile. Later, an asteroid passes by, and as the Space Mammy watches, Takeshi crash-lands. He transforms into 80.

The craft explodes, and the amoebas come together into one large mass. 80 and Amehza battle on the strangely round asteroid, which somehow has enough gravity to support them. They battle, and 80 seems to be losing. However, as he sees the Space Mammy approaching, he defeats the monster.

The crew finds Takeshi unconscious and bring him back to base. He revives and reunites with his friends. End.





  • Amehza (First and only appearance)

DVD Release

  • Ultraman 80 Volume 6 Features Episodes 21-24
80 Vol 6

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