"Yo, I'm-That is to say, I have been assigned here by MAC HQ, I'm Saburo Sato"

―Saburo Sato introduces himself with Gen Ohtori, The Adventure Nut Arrives!
Saburo Sato
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Leo
First appearance: Ultraman Leo Episode 12: "The Adventure Nut Arrives!"
Last appearance: None
Number of appearances 1 (series)
Type: Ally
Family N/A
Affiliation MAC
Portrayed by Ryumei Azuma

Saburo Sato (佐藤三郎 Satō Saburō) was a traveller and honorary MAC member that appeared in Ultraman Leo.


Ultraman Leo

An adventurer, Saburo had been wandering across the globe. One day, he returned to Japan to return to his home while wearing an Indian aborigine outfit. He stopped for a while, looking at a group of children led by Gen Ohtori jogging around. After Bango arose after his 150 million years of slumber, Saburo launched his spear at the monster's nostril, causing him to return back to the underground.

Saburo later was given a temporary membership in MAC as he was needed to stop Bango. While resting after a patrol, he and Gen discovered Bango by accident after his nostril surfaced. After Saburo threw his cigarette into it, Bango's body fully arose and fled to the city, where he took a tower and used it to hit several buildings. He continued to rampage towards a freeway, an oil refinery and finally an amusement park. Realised that all of Bango's actions were imitating Saburo all along, he ordered Gen to pump his uniform with hydrogen to make him float like a balloon as the monster inflates his body as well but witnessing the traveller smoking, he took a factory's chimney and smokes too. But when he does this, the air he absorbs blew away, causing the traveller blown but Gen quickly rescued him as Leo. After battling Bango, Leo knocked down the monster by targeting his feet. Leo blew at his tail, causing the monster to inflate and fly away. Saburo bids farewell to everyone and departed to Himalayas to search for a Yeti.


  • Saburo's MAC uniform had no number, since he was a honorary member.
  • Saburo is the second MAC member to appear in just one episode, the first one was Officer Suzuki. However, he was still alive afterwards unlike Officer Suzuki.
  • Aside from Gen and Dan, Saburo is the only MAC member not killed.


Powers and Abilities

  • Spear Throwing: Saburo is skilled enough to throw a spear into a monster's nostril.