Saki Mitsurugi
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Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Approximately around 500+ years old)
Home world: Unknown
Series: Ultraman R/B
First appearance: Ultraman R/B Episode 11: Aizen's Frenzy
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Unknown
Family N/A
Affiliation N/A
Portrayed by Ayane Kinoshita

Saki Mitsurugi (美剣 サキ Mitsurugi Saki) is a mysterious girl who becomes the latest addition to the cast of Ultraman R/B.[1] Lacking a name of her own (hence being credited as Mysterious Woman (謎の女性 Nazo no josei) in episodes 11 and 13), she received her name from Asahi during their first encounter.


Pre Ultraman R/B

Saki Mitsurugi comes from somewhere faraway while being on Earth since ancient times and had meet several notable historical figures during her travels around Earth during the past.

Ultraman R/B

Saki Mitsurugi first shows up after Ultraman Orb Dark defeats Horoboros, and she takes its R/B Crystal. She then appears when Orb Dark and Ultramen Rosso and Blu start to fight, and she summons Horoboros, which somehow evolves into its Bipedal form. After Horoboros defeated the Ultras, Saki called the Kaiju back in its R/B Crystal before summoning again later on to fight Rosso and Blu, who was able to defeat it with the Triple Origium Ray. Afterwards, Saki posed as a nurse and entered Aizen Tech and meeting an injured Makoto Aizen for the first time. Saki also shown her interest towards Asahi, leaving the R/B Crystals of Belial and Ultraman behind after meeting her personally and having a brief conversation with her before lending Makoto her Gyro, allowing him to transform into Grigio King and successfully taking his revenge against Rosso and Blu. Saki then declared herself as the new master of D.R.L.N. while overseeing the battle.

Powers and Weapons

  • Longevity: She is said to have live long enough to meet Tokugawa Ieyasu.[2]
  • Gyro: A repainted version of the original Gyro, it sports orange and black accents.
    • Kaiju Summoning/Transformation: In the same vein to Makoto Aizen, scanning R/B Crystals allow her to summon or transform into the corresponding Kaiju.
    • Empowerment: A unique feature of her Gyro, Saki can evolve monsters summoned from R/B Crystals into their stronger forms.
  • R/B Crystals: Although she is yet to have her own set, Saki can still uses the R/B Crystals on her own Gyro.
  • Kaiju Return: Saki reverts a summoned monster back to its R/B Crystal, which flies back to her.
  • Teleportation: Saki is capable of disappearing within the blink of an eye, doing so to escape before Katsumi witnesses her presence.

R/B Crystals in Possession




  • During her first photograph, Saki is shown with a blank R/B Crystal. Its true purpose is unknown at this point, but is likely to be the Horoboros Crystal.
  • In her intro card during the opening sequence, there are three grey blobs which seem to vaguely resemble the three Grigio variants.
  • The color of her fingernail paint represents the three Ultras:
    • Red: Rosso
    • Blue: Blu
    • Black: Orb Dark
  • For reasons unknown, she disguises herself when meeting different people, such as a nurse (towards Makoto) and a high school girl (towards Asahi).
  • Her given name is shared with an alien girl from Ultraman Tiga, who also wears black clothes and has been on Earth since the ancient times.