Dokumamushi on Tetsuko's Room

Sandayu Dokumamushi on Tetsuko's Room

Sandayu Dokumamushi ( (毒蝮 三太夫 Dokumamushi Sandayū?) born Iyoshi Ishii (石井 伊吉 Ishii Iyoshi?) on 31 March 1936 in Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese actor.  He portrayed Daisuke Arashi in the original Ultraman (1966-1967) and Shigeru Furuhashi in Ultraseven (1967-1968). He has been a radio personality on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) from October 6, 1969 to the present. His radio program is famous for vulgar language and is popular with an older audience.[1] He is nicknamed Mom-chan (まむちゃん Mamu-chan?), Viper (まむし Mamushi?), Mr. Viper ( まむしさんMamushi-san?).


Ultra Series


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