Sarah and Cal's Father
Cal Sarah's Father
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Home world: Name Unknown
Series: Ultraman Story 0
First appearance: Chapter 2
Last appearance: Chapter2
Number of appearances 1
Type: Civilian
Family Sarah and Cal (Children)
Affiliation His Tribe
Portrayed by N/A- Manga Character
The father of Sarah and Cal


From what was seen, Sarah and Cal's father cared for them greatly, but was still kind enough to stop and offer assistance to a stranger, despite being in a state of evacuation.


The father of Sarah and Cal. The family had lived peacefully for years until the appearance of monsters. When new reached the village of the monsters' approach, the family tried to evacuate like everyone else. Sarah bumped into a stranger, that was unaware of the danger. After bringing the man up to speed, they despaired as the monsters appeared in the distance.

Despite his warnings, the stranger ran off towards the beasts and was seemingly killed by a fireball. With his children, he witnessed the appearance of the giant which formed out of light and battle between it and the monsters. When the giant killed the monsters with its beam, the village was caught in the force of the explosion. Saving his children, he pushed them out of the way, only to be crushed by a boulder.


  • His real name was never given during the series.
  • He holds the unenviable 'honor' of being the first 'human' killed by an Ultra. While not human, all human like beings in the manga are treated as such.

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