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Scientific Defense Guard
Members: TBA
Affiliations: TBA
Designations: To protect humanity from any alien threats and giant monsters
First appearance: The☆Ultraman Episode 1
Latest appearance: The☆Ultraman Episode 50

Scientific Defense Guard (科学警備隊Kagaku Keibitai?) is a branch of the Earth Defense Force in the U40 Timeline in The☆Ultraman.




  • Tetsuo Akiyama/ Captain Adams (アキヤマ 徹男Akiyama Tetsuo?): The first captain of the Far East Zone. He is transferred to the America Zone in Episode 26.
  • Daisuke Gondo (ゴンドウ 大助Gondō Daisuke?): The second captain of the Far East Zone, who takes over Akiyama's duties from Episode 27 and onward.
  • Kei Marume/ Lieutenant Marconi (マルメ 敬Marume Kei?): A strongman and an expert marksman.
  • Hiroaki Tobe/ Lieutenant Glenn (トベ 博明Tobe Hiroaki?): A weapons developer.
  • Mutsumi Hoshikawa/ Lieutenant Anne Johnson (星川 ムツミHoshikawa Mutsumi?): A female member.
  • Choichiro Hikari/ Lieutenant Harris (ヒカリ 超一郎Hikari Chōichirō?): He encounters Joeneus on his way from a space station to the earth, and merges with Joeneus.
  • Pigu: An assistant robot that resembles the creature Pigmon
  • Monkey: A monkey like robot normally seen with Pig

Vehicles and ArmamentsEdit



  • The SDG is the first animated Attack Team.
  • They are also the first to use robots.

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