Search for Tomorrow
Ultraseven, Episode 23
Air date 03/10/1968
Screenplay by Ryu Minamikawa
Shozo Uehara
Directed by Samaji Nonagase
Special skill director Toru Matoba
Episode Guide
Revenge of 300 Years (Unaired episode)
Return to the North!

Search For Tomorrow (明日を捜せ Ashita o Sagase?) or Enter Tomorrow in the Shout! Factory release is the 23rd episode of Ultraseven. This episode is a replacement of Revenge of 300 Years.


Captain Kiriyama and Furuhashi find a terrified old man named Yasui being chased by a mysterious driver of a chain-draped dump truck. Later revealed to be a fortune teller, Yasui divulges some information about an impending warehouse explosion where all the Ultra Guard weapons are kept. They search the facility but find no bombs. Yasui then states a UFO will land at Mt. Fuji, and again, nothing is found. The old man begs for protection, but the Ultra Force doesn't believe him at this point. Shortly thereafter, Yasui is kidnapped by aliens. Using a specially made gun, the Ultra Guard are able to locate the invaders and their hidden base where the old fortune teller is being held.


Suit Actors

  • Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun?): Uenishi Hirotsugu (上西弘次 Hirotsugu Uenishi?)


DVD Release

  • Ultraseven Volume 6 Features Episodes 22-25.


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