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"Now that I'm Ultraman, I'm going to mow you down!"

―Seiji to Ace Killer.
Seiji Hokuto
Seiji 2011 Profile
Gender: Male
Age: 17-18
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman
First appearance: TBA
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances TBA
Type: TBA
Family Mitsuru Hokuto (Father-Deceased)
Kaori Hokuto (Mother-Deceased)
Affiliation Yapool
Portrayed by None
 Seiji Hokuto (北斗星司(ホクト・セイジ) Hokuto Seiji?) is character who appears in the 2011 Manga. He is the manga's equivalent to Ultraman Ace as Moroboshi is the series' Ultraseven.

History Edit

At some point in the past, Seiji was in a plane crash that left him near death. He was eventually taken in by Yapool.

Seiji is a young man of Shinjiro's age, going to exact same school as him. However, until recently, the two had never interacted in any significant manner until some time after Shinjiro became Ultraman. Seiji asked to meet Shinjiro after a class, where he revealed that he knew that Shinjiro was Ultraman, much to the latter's shock.

Later, Seiji ran into Shinjiro again, although Shinjiro received a call from Ide. Seiji used a device to trace the call, confirming his idea of Ultraman's identity. At some point after that, a man attempted to assault and rob him, but Seiji was capable of fighting and beating the man, who was left lying on the sidewalk.

Soon afterwards, Seiji tracked an emergency call, which he declared to be his first case before donning his own Ultraman suit. He quickly arrived at the scene, saving Shinjiro from a Bio Weapon, slicing the beast in half. Seiji's arms then exploded. Just as quickly as he appeared he left, but not before telling Shinjiro that he'd see him at school.

Returning to Yapool, Seiji was given heavy criticism for damaging his arms, but the alien agreed to repair them. He then beat Shinjiro and Moroboshi to defeating a second Bio Weapon in a subway system. After boasting, he tried to be allowed a job at the SSSP, although Moroboshi wanted to check his background. Seiji removed his helmet and explained himself.

The other two Ultramen took Seiji to the SSSP headquarters, where Moroboshi and Edo discussed his alien-designed prosthetics, which were untraceable. Seiji revealed that he had bought the identity of Ultraman from someone, but refused to say who. He was then released, making his way back to Yapool.

Yapool berated Seiji for revealing himself but admitted that they and the SSSP had the same goal in mind, but must keep their savior secret. Seiji agreed, stating that the reason he had been eliminating anyone who interfered with human-alien relations was due to their mysterious savior.

Shinjiro later caught Seiji extorting money from a man who ran a scamming business on the side. The two began to argue about Seiji's position as the "Hammer of Justice," whereupon he challenged Shinjiro to a duel. Using his modified simulation device, he summoned his suit and prepared to fight the suitless Shinjiro. Moroboshi interrupted the one-sided duel, beating Seiji's helmet off with his sword.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Prosthetic: Seiji has mechanical limbs to give him greater combat ability. They use some of the same technology as the Ultraman Suits
    • Combat Prowess: Despite his thin build, Seiji is a skilled combatant, taking on several school bullies, by himself and winning.
  • Detective Skills/Information Gathering: Seiji is skilled information gathering, having researched Shinjiro and interecepted a police radio and communication between Ide and Shinjiro.
  • UItraman Suit: Seiji wears the Version A Ultraman Suit which has many similarities to Ultraman Ace.
    • Mimicry System: Primarily when he expects to go into battle. Seiji uses a modified Simulator system that teleports in his suit.
    • Ultraman Helmet: Seiji's helmet is bears similarities to Ultraman Ace, with a green light like a Beam Lamp and a port in the side of the fine similar to the Hole in Ace's
    • Strength: His suit undoubtedly gives him great strength.
    • Specium Weapons: Similar to Shinjiro's, his weapons are on his arms, but his instead are on the inner side of his arms. The connected together to create a large blade of specium energy.
    • Flight: Unlike Moroboshi's Seiji's suit allows him to fly under his own volition.

Trivia Edit

  • This Seiji is clearly a reference to Seiji Hokuto and Ultraman Ace.
  • While Shinjiro is heroic and Morboshi is dark, Seiji is very playful and lighthearted.
  • Seiji's suit was named by himself. The 'A' to represent that it was made by an alien tech while the full 'Ace' is a result of his grandstanding.

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