Seiji Omura
Seiji Omura
Gender: Male
Age: Around 30 - 40
Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Leo
First appearance: The Death of Seven! Tokyo Is Sinking!
Last appearance: The Leo Brothers vs the Monster Brothers
Number of appearances 22 (Ultraman Leo)
Type: Ally
Family None
Affiliation Gen Ohtori
Momoko Yamaguchi
Takeshi Nomura
Toru Umeda
Kaoru Umeda
Portrayed by Yu Fujiki
Seiji Omura (大村正司 Ōmura Seiji) is a character in Ultraman Leo. He is one of the supporting characters in Ultraman Leo. He helps Gen Ohtori train the children at the sports club and even aids Dan Moroboshi in training him on a few occasions. After episode 22, he was never seen again.

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