Shin Moroboshi
Shin Moroboshi Miyano ver
Ultra: Ultraman Zero
Age: TBA
Gender: Male
Transformation Item Ultra Zero Eye
Home world: Land of Light, Nebula M78
First Appearance: Ultraman Premier 2011
Last Appearances TBA
Type: Hero
Family Dan Moroboshi (father)
Affiliation None, Ultraman Zero's human form
Portrayed by Actors varied in Japan region

Shin Moroboshi (モロボシ・シン Moroboshi Shin?) is a stage-show exclusive character that appeared in Ultraman Premier 2011. He is portrayed as the human form of Ultraman Zero.


Because of different regions, Shin is portrayed by different actors:


  • The name Shin Moroboshi is a combination of Shin Hayata and Dan Moroboshi, the latter being the human form of Zero's father, Ultraseven. This name is also meant to symbolize Zero's relationship as Seven's son (Shin Moroboshi - Dan Moroboshi).
  • Shin Moroboshi's actor in Tokyo, Mamoru Miyano is also Ultraman Zero's voice actor. Aside from voice acting, Mamoru is also an actor in live action movies and theatrical plays. Considering that portraying/voicing an Ultraman is his childhood dream, Mamoru also expressed his wish to portray Shin Moroboshi in future media.
  • Daisuke Watanabe, Shin's actor in Nagoya, had previously portrayed George Ikaruga in Ultraman Mebius.
  • Naoki Kawano, Shin's actor in Osaka is known for both of his debut acting and breakout character as Long, the mastermind antagonist of 2007/2008 Super Sentai series installment Juken Sentai Gekiranger. This is noted by the official blog of Ultraman Retsuden, who also stated that Kawano's acting as Shin/Ultraman Zero will be a twist, considering that the character himself is the strongest Ultra Hero while Long is the strongest villain in said Sentai series.



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