"Humankind has over-evolved! That itself is leading the universe to destruction"

―Shinigami to Hiroya Fujimiya, "XIG Destroyed!?"
Home world: Unknown
First Appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 47 "XIG Destroyed!?" (1999)
Latest Appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 48 "The Revenge of the Death God" (1999)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Zogu (ally),
Apatee (creation),
Algyuros (creation),
Meemos (creation),
Mokian (servant)
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Shinigami (死神Lit. Death bringer) was an alien that appeared in the series Ultraman Gaia. He is the messenger of the Radical Destruction Bringer. His true form is Zebub (ゼブブ Zebubu).

Zebub subtitle: Destruction Devil (破滅魔人 Hametsu Majin)


Ultraman Gaia

As the messenger of the Radical Destruction Bringer he was sent to conquer Earth with the massive kaiju Mokian, while also trying to force Hiroya Fujimiya to fight for the Radical Destruction Bringer, he takes Reiko Yoshi hostage. Shinigami then tells Hiroya about Reiko, causing him to go to look for her at her apartment, but instead is lead into the M91 space. He finds her and he shows himself to them and tells him of there plans of destruction and conquest and even tells him the fate of X.I.G and how he sent Mokain. Later Mokian is destroyed and so the death god leaves and as the area they stand blows up Hiroya turns into Ultraman Agul and follows him back but, only to show his true self.

On Earth Shinigami turns into his true form of Zebub and the blue giant and him fight. but, it takes a turn when Zebub cuts Agul's hip open with his spear. Fortunately Ultraman Gaia arrives and Agul turns back to heal. The fight begins and Zebub launches attacks at him and the fighters find out about his weak spot, the horns, and blows them up and thinking he was weakened attack him full force but, only to be deflected by a energy barrier and the battle ensued and one of the leader fighters attacks him and blows up his spear and one of his eye's, enraged he takes down the fighter jet. With enough time he transform into Supreme Mode and uses the Photon Stream to destroy him. With the death god dead the final phase of plans begins.


  • Shinigami was played by Masami Horiuchi, who wore a full-body costume, leaving his mouth exposed while painted.
  • Shinigami is based on a Buddha and the Japanese death god.
    • Also, the title "Shinigami" is a Japanese equivalent of the Grim Reaper.
  • Zebub is based on an owl which are said in legend to be bad omens and Death's bird.
  • Zebub is one of the few Monsters that can make an Ultra bleed, with one of the others being Gazort.
  • Zebub's name is derived from the devil "Beelzebub", from the Old Testament. The Bezelb would later be named similarly.




  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown

Powers and Weapons

  • Womb of Mokian: Shinigami can drag anyone into a pocket dimension that is said to be within the kaiju Mokian.
  • Levitate: Shinigami is always shown levitating in a sitting position.
  • Transformation: He can transform into Zebub at will.



  • Height: 66 m
  • Weight: 66,000 t

Powers and Weapons

  • Blade: In place of a right hand Zebub has a spear/blade that he uses to stab enemies.
  • Energy Absorb: Zebub can absorb the energy of his opponent into the crystal on his forehead.
  • Lighting Bolts: He can launch purple lighting bolts from his horns
  • Energy Bullets: He can launch purple balls of energy from his hand
  • EM Wave Barrier: Zebub can make a energy barrier powerful enough to stand attacks and not break


  • Zebub's barrier is created by his eyes, the loss of one will not only blind him but strip him of his barrier.
  • If his horns are destroyed he will lose his electrical powers.


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