Shota Minami Rei

Shota Minami (南翔太 Minami Shota), born on March 27 1982 in Hazu, Prefecture, Japan. He is a Japanese Tokusatsu actor who played Rei in Ultra Galaxy and the voice of Reimon. He is also the member of Ultraman Foundation. Shota made his debut as an actor in 2005.

Utraman Foundation MessageEdit

"This is Rei. You are doing things based on like or dislike? Surely you are alright because it's you! And I hope you are always wearing your "smile". Please send your "smile" to your families, friends and teachers. This is the "Ultra Power" which only you can give. Now do me a favour-while we ZAP SPACYmembers are not able to reach the Earth, please shower the planet with your "smile". I believe you can do that. Let's meet up again with our smiles".

His Words to all Japanese childrens.

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